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Here’s a super simple way of having fresh green onions all winter long without the need to invest in grow lights, heat mats, aquaponic systems, fertilizers or whatnot. There are chances that you already saw at least pictures of onion towers circulating on the internet, it was a real fad a few years back, but… Read more about Planting and Growing a Green Onion Tower

According to Wikipedia: “The pomato (or tomtato) is a chimera produced by grafting a tomato plant and a potato plant… Cherry tomatoes grow on the vine, while white potatoes grow in the soil from the same plant.” Now that you know WHAT we are growing, I bet you want to know WHY on earth would… Read more about Growing a Pomato (or Tomtato)

Before we begin let me state the obvious: the greenery in that first photo is digitally manipulated, nearly all of my photos of last years’ balcony gardens were lost when technology failed me, but that’s enough about me, let’s talk about me: I live in a small mountain town that nobody ever heard of, well,… Read more about Starting a Balcony Garden

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