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“Here’s the scenario: You are stranded somewhere in one of the wast forests of the northern hemisphere, it’s winter, it’s cold and you have only a half an hour until the sun sets when you realize you have to walk 3 more hours to safety, the terrain is too dangerous to walk in the darkness… Read more about Making a Pine Resin Torch

Have you ever made or owned something that you felt was irreplaceable and choose not to use it, rather than scratch it or damage it in some way? That’s exactly how I felt about my antler handled firesteel, it was beautiful, but pretty much useless because I carried it around for show, but always had… Read more about DIY Antler Handle with Replaceable Firesteel

Hi everybody, today we’ll be building a small and waterproof storage compartment inside our water bottle’s cap, so without further ado, here’s what we’ll need: a wide mouth water bottle with screw in loop cap(I used a SubZero 500ml, but Klean Kanteen has some great ones, the Classic series) a plastic, disposable water bottle superglue… Read more about DIY Bottle Cap Survival Kit

The mushroom season is on and I finally have a credible reason for wondering around in the nearby forests and mountainsides, the only problem is, that my mushroom hunting ground is also home to Europe’s largest brown bear population, an estimated 6500 to 7000 specimens live in the Carpathian Mountains, of course not all of… Read more about Making a Bear Horn

Imagine Bear Grylls eating the most disgusting maggot, ok, now imagine Bear Grylls eating the most disgusting maggot grill fried, isn’t that better? Well I guess not, but anyways, behold: the pocket grill. Ideal for single or two person camping, backpacking or hiking. Tools and Materials Tools you will need: Hacksaw (or at least the… Read more about DIY Pocket Grill

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