It’s that sad time of the year again, when the Christmas tree that brought so much joy to the whole family gets stripped and thrown out. Well, you can’t argue with tradition, I guess, but with a bit of creativity and even less elbow grease you can transform this would-be landfill material into an useful… Read more about Upcycling a Christmas Tree into a Key Hanger

Ever since junior got his own room for himself and his toys, and I had to move my stuff out, I feel that my precious toys, my fishing rods, are neglected, they just sadly sit in the corner and gather dust. I was long planning to make some sort of a storage rack for them,… Read more about DIY Fishing Rod Storage Rack

Here’s a super simple way of having fresh green onions all winter long without the need to invest in grow lights, heat mats, aquaponic systems, fertilizers or whatnot. There are chances that you already saw at least pictures of onion towers circulating on the internet, it was a real fad a few years back, but… Read more about Planting and Growing a Green Onion Tower

“Here’s the scenario: You are stranded somewhere in one of the wast forests of the northern hemisphere, it’s winter, it’s cold and you have only a half an hour until the sun sets when you realize you have to walk 3 more hours to safety, the terrain is too dangerous to walk in the darkness… Read more about Making a Pine Resin Torch

Have you ever made or owned something that you felt was irreplaceable and choose not to use it, rather than scratch it or damage it in some way? That’s exactly how I felt about my antler handled firesteel, it was beautiful, but pretty much useless because I carried it around for show, but always had… Read more about DIY Antler Handle with Replaceable Firesteel

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